Managing people is an art

Looking to enhance operational efficiency with the right people and the right systems without knowing where to start? As a HR firm,  we provide seamless end-to-end HR life cycle services and technical advisory based on the specific startup dynamics, incorporating the use of diagnostic tools, models and approaches to assess organizational capabilities. 

1) Startup HR Experience

Looking to engage a HR and Startup expert to scale up your people department. We support founders and leaders to allign people priorities with the organization. Engage us to learn more about the services we provide  such as;

  • Equip team leaders to design optimal people products  that will drive performance through people.

  • Co-own the employee life cycle with the founders and business leaders.

  •  Enhance people compliance with the relevant authorities or professional associations.

  •  Equip leaders with a Startup HR toolkit useful in business functionality and the decision making process.

  • Oversee structural  review and systems integration.

  • Provide an opportunity for founders to re-think culture and core values.

  • Identify and develop talent through our comprehensive BPO model. 

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2) Outsourced HR Experience

Managing people issues has its challenges, engaging People experts is a game-changer, especially for Startups and global employers entering the market. We work collaboratively with our Clients to provide HR support services at their doorstep by;

  • Enhancing operational excellence  through the staff augmentation model.

  • Collaborative effort in developing HR Shared service centres through managed service model.

  • Efficient resource integration through project-based outsourcing.

  • Export professionals to regional markets through the offshoring or nearshoring model and leveraging on technology to provide the professional  support services. 


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3) Remote HR Technical support

Need assistance with managing the remote workforce, we provide our Clients with tools necessary to enhance collaboration and task completion while effectively managing the team performance. With the Covid pandemic, HR has been retooled to cater for the special circumstances employers find themselves in. We provide services such as;

  • Provide seamless services in employee benefits administration.

  • Manage payroll and statutory deductions for local employees, expatriates and consultants.

  • Develop a comprehensive HR policy and strategic framework unique to the respective business environment.

  • Collaborate with Founders to create seamless HR experience through use of HR innovations and Tech.

  • Support the business in immigration and international assignments policies.

  • Collaborate with leaders in aligning the performance management tools and the reward systems.

  • Provide expert guidance on policy implementation and strategies.

  • Provide annual people budgets and periodic variance reports vital in functionality of the people department to support the business.

  • Provide advisory on legal implications on all matters relating to people and the respective business environment.


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4) Specialized People projects

Time to time, businesses evolve and business innovations become necessary to thrive. We provide highly specialized services through our subject matter experts on matters;

  • Facilitate periodic organization  and HR audits for continuous improvement of systems.

  • Collaborate with team leaders in optimizing their talent through progressive job designs.

  • Identify opportunities for growth through workforce and succession planning.

  • Provide expert guidance  on development and implementation of compensation and benefits structures.

  • Facilitating the change management process through various change models.

  • Build internal capacity to provide In-house HR services (in-sourcing).

  • Work with leaders to shape-up existing people departments to functionality.

  • Facilities management, health and safety advisory and management.

  • Advisory on Immigration, community integration, Insurance, Taxation, and communication.

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